The Frost Programming Language

Frost is a high-level, general-purpose multiparadigm programming language with support for:

And many other features. This is what a simple Frost program looks like:

Simple version of the Unix `head` utility. Reads a file
and outputs the first `count` lines from it to the
standard output stream.

@param path the file to read
@param count the number of lines to display
method head(path:File, count:Int) {
    try {
    fail(error) {

method abort(msg:String) {

method main(args:ListView<String>) {
    if args.count != 3 {
        abort("usage: head <path> <count>")
    def count := args[2].asInt
    if count == null {
        abort("error: '\{args[2]}' is not an integer")
    head(File(args[1]), count)

You can see more examples by trying Frost directly in your Web browser!.

For a more comprehensive overview of Frost's syntax and features, see the Syntax Overview or API documentation. If you'd like to install the Frost compiler for yourself, see the Getting Started page.

See Current Status for a rundown of where Frost stands at the moment.